We hold clubs on Tuesday and Thursdays, from 4:45pm-5:30pm. 

February Clubs

Animation Club - During this club, the kids are learning how to create movement from still objects.  The kids will create flip books, lego-mation shorts, and claymation shorts.  Check back soon for some of the footage!

Hawaiian Club - The kids are learning about different Hawaiian traditions, including how to Hula!  Join us at the parent pick up dinner as we teach you all how to hula!

Ball Club - from Wiffle Ball to good old Dodge Ball, this month we are playing any game that involves a ball! 


January Clubs

Knitting Club - Kids will learn the basic steps of knitting, including how to tie a slip knot, how to cast on, and finally a simple knit stitch in order to create a KAH throw!

Fitness Club - We're kicking this year off right!  Kids will join Annecia and Sean as they learn different fitness routines and how to pick out a healthy snack/meal.

Magic Club - Join Joe this month as you learn the secrets behind magic!  From card tricks to coin tricks, you'll be able to fool a crowd into believing you're a magician after this club!


December Clubs

Holiday Club - This December, we are getting ready for the Holidays!  From Christmas to Hannakuh to Kwanza, we will learn all about the foods and traditions of these popular holidays! 

Spa Club - Join Catherine this month in treating yourself to facials, manicures, and pedicures.  We will be creating our own masks, scrubs, soaps, and more while learning about the benifits of pampering your body.  Check out the pictures!

Soccer Club - It might be cold outside, be we aren't letting it get us down!  This month, we'll be learning techniques and skills of this popular spring sport from Joe, who played professional level soccer as a kid.

November Clubs

Music Club

Video Club - The video club created a wonderful video that we are diligently editing.  Check back soon to see when it will be completed!

Dodge Ball Club

October's Clubs

Spy Club - The kids are learning what it takes to become a spy.  From secret codes to special you have what it takes to become a spy??

Basketball Club

Halloween Club

September's Clubs

FOOTBALL CLUB - kids get to participate in football games, run sprints, and practice catching in this club. 

Our football stats:

Rockview vs. Forest Knolls (away game)- Forest Knolls won

Rockview vs. Farmland (homegame) - Farmland won

Rockview vs. Highland View (homegame) - Rockview won!

Rockview vs. Cannon Road (away game) - Cannon Road won


CHEER CLUB - We've got spirit...yes we do!  This month, kids will create banners, learn new cheers, and learn to work with poms poms with Whitney in the Cheer Club.  Kids will help cheer on the football club during their football games.

PIRATE CLUB - Arrrrrhhhh Matey!  The pirate club learned how to be a pirate this month.  From making their own Jolly Roger to building their own pirate ships, the kids will be pillaging for treasure in no time!

Cool Pirate Websites: Create your our Pirate and Pirate Puzzle! Information and Articles on Pirates, Pirateers, and Buccaneers. Cool pirate gear!



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