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The Bear With no Hair Lost his Underwear

written by the Kids of KAH at Rock View Elementary (based on stories written by Dr. Seuss)

There once was a bear, who had no hair......

He looked high, he looked low.
He looked here and he looked there.....
but his bum was still bare
because he couldn't find his underwear.

He went to the kitchen,
and then started itchin' 
when he noticed a breeze on his derriere!

He sat with a glare,
and thought this isn't fair!
"I think my legs are stuck to the chair!"

What a sight was this bear;
a rare hairless bear with no underwear.

Then, he went out for some air in his Chevy Covair
When he spotted a pair of blue underwear in the middle of Delaware.

THE END MY FRIEND! (Until we meet again!)


Catherine Muzzatti

Rockview Elementary School
3901 Denfeld Ave Kensington, MD 20895


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